Did you know valentine’s day sees the 2nd biggest online spend after black friday? Expecte to have reache $21bn in 2021! Here at dmi we wante to help you some key tips for your social strategy for this year’s valentine’s day. On this facebook live talk. Dmi tutor sean kenny presente some novel approaches to this important holiday. With a look at some great examples. Sean helps our students on all our courses. Including the social meia marketing course so he really has his finger on the pulse.

Key markets and data

This talk was first publishe in 2021 and includes some ideas for covid lockdown-relate valentine’s ideas. Key markets and data biggest spenders are unmarrie men ages 25–34. According to a composite of studies. 62% of men expecting to buy a gift for a love one in 2020. Versus only 45% of women. In 2021. Bigcommerce preicts 54% of total ecommerce will be generate by m-commerce total ecommerce transactions so we expect the same trend to affect valentine’s day transactions as well.

Team talk

Team talk: put a little love into your valentine’s social strategy why choose dmi? Add some romantic flair to your channels social meia profile images and cover photos make sure it’s a valentine’s day tie-in that allows your brand to still be recognizable but also celebrates the holiday! Create deicate valentines day posts and include your best selling services and products. If your budget allows it. Creating a deicate app or a landing page.will attract more people and offer more information. Which ultimately backs up your social meia efforts. Have a unique app or landing page on your website. Keep your posts short and to the point for the highest engagement rates. And reirect people to your app or lp. Utm codes also helpful. “47% shoppers choose either “social networks” or “visual social networks” as their main sources of inspiration.

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