Its objective is to communicate news in real. Therefore, time and it is one of the most used as a profitable method for business. By having a large audience, Twitter allows continuous interaction between brands and their. Therefore, consumers or potential clients. Social networks are one of the 5 most important channels to promote your videos . Therefore, if your intention is to boost your business within the digital world, publishing videos on Twitter is an excellent way to share your content easily and quickly.


What is Twitter and what is it for

You can post a video on Twitter with your cell phone. Therefore, or PC. We are going to executive data show you step by step on each of the devices: With the cell phone Uploading a video to Twitter from your mobile is very. Therefore, simple: After opening the app, click the tweet icon (with a feather symbol). Videos saved on the smartphone will appear at the bottom of the application. Simply select which one you want to publish.


How can I post a video on Twitter

The process is also not difficult. Therefore, for the PC. Follow these steps: Click the button to tweet. To add the video, click on Case No Data the image icon (it is the first one that appears shortly after the space for you to write the tweet). Select. Therefore, the video and click “Open.”

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