Another option is to establish Video Optimizing. Canonical URLs, although in this way there would be no benefit of authority transfer as occurs with 301 redirects. Link building: external linking strategy Finally, and to finish the. SEO audit of a web page, we will have to analyze its backlinks. That is, the links it receives from external domains. The importance of backlinks for a website lies in the authority. That it receives through them. We can say that backlinks continue to be one of the main. Factors for positioning ( see this post by Álvaro Peña about link building in 2021 ). But sometimes they can harm us more than benefit us and that is why it is necessary to review them.

We will have Video Optimizing to analyze its backlinks

The main points that you should consider industry email list when analyzing external links are: What websites are linking to me? Which URLs are receiving more authority thanks to external links Make the link and anchor text profile as natural as possible Google Search Console has an option to view backlinks from the Links menu where you can see lists of the most linked pages, the domains from which the links are received and the most frequent anchor text . However, although this is useful data, the truth is that it is a rather weak report that can be lacking when doing.

Possible Google Search Console has an option to view backlinks

SEO audit of a web page. Without Caseno Data a doubt, the best tool for analyzing backlinks is Ahrefs , as it provides absolutely all kinds of information about external links, it’s crazy in that sense (although Tim Soulo… I’ll surpass you one day! ;P haha). ahrefs backlinks By clicking on the “ Links ” option you will obtain a detailed report of all the backlinks that a web page receives with data such as the number of external links that the domain that links you has, what anchor text is used in each backlink, how much attracts traffic, etc. Additionally, using the filters you can see the links by type: dofollow, sponsored, nofollow.

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