Most children like the idea of ​​going to fast food stores like McDonald’s or Burger King, not only because of the food they offer, but because of the plastic toys that their children’s packages contain inside. This could change. Sisters Ella and Caitlin Mc Ewan, age 9 and 7, launche a petition to the fast food giants and told them to stop putting plastic toys in children’s meals. We don’t want plastic toys: girls go to McDonald’s and Burger King After learning at school about the great damage that plastics cause to the environment, the sisters say they do not want more plastic toys, especially the ones given away at fast food chains. This petition has reache more than 343 thousand signatures since its launch.

We don’t want plastic toys: girls go to McDonald’s

The goal is 500 thousand. “ We know our young guests really enjoy their King Jr. meals. And we are working on developing more sustainable packaging and alternative South Korea Phone Number List solutions for toys. Burger King said in a statement. Burger King has committe to having a more sustainable toy solution by . For its part. McDonald’s said that: “In the UK. Over  the next six months, our Happy Meal promotions will include a mix of board games. Books and soft toys. Which will see a reduction of almost 60% in the number of hard plastic toys to be delivere compare to the first half of the year.” This is what the petition said: We like to go to Burger King and McDonald’s to eat. But children only play with the plastic toys they give us for a few minutes before they throw them away. Harming animals and polluting the sea.

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What is McDonald’s doing for the future of the planet?

We want everything they give us to be sustainable so that we can protect the planet for ourselves and future generations.” “ After we learne about the environment and pollution at school, we wante to do everything we could to help. We put a poster in our window about how to save the planet and we try to recycle UAE Phone Number List everything we can. But we want to do more, so we starte this petition. “It is not enough to make recyclable plastic toys: big, rich companies should not be making plastic toys at all .  Companies are beginning to take big steps to align with compliance with the.

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