Now there’s a number of questions. That you can ask, and some of the big ones are, who. What, where, when, why, and how? Now, those are really great starter. Questions, and it helps us dig a little bit deeper. Over the last couple years, there’s been a really big push on the why, right? Understand. Why somebody does something. I believe that’s extremely important. There’s a number of really good resources on it. Simon Sinek is kind of the why guy, right? He’s the guy that asks why all the time, which is really good. But I believe that before we can ask why. And the biggest one is this, what? is your product for.

What problems it solves

What does it do problems does it solve? So problems, what problems. Does it solve? That’s a really good question. If you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter your why questions or your how questions because people really care about this, my phone number list problems? How are you going to make my life easier? How are you going to help me overcome this whatever that I’m dealing with right here? Now all of our products, all of our services, should solve a problem. And we understand what that problem is and what we are actually solving and what we’re delivering, and then we can deliver this in a concise way.

Phone Number List

How are you going to solve

That’s what gets customers, and that’s what gets prospects’ ears to perk up. They go, “Yeah, I have that problem. You have a solution to that?” That’s what Caseno Data allows them to kind of enter in that conversation with you. This is the thing that you should be writing about, understanding. First and foremost, before you ever get to the other questions, you have to understand what it is that you are doing, and then are you able to communicate that in a clear way.

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