What are events Knowing what customers are looking for and what path they follow on the site, before contacting them, can be of great support in getting an idea of ​​the products or services they may be interest in. Find out how HubSpot provides valuable prospect information in today’s article! How to best use HubSpot Here are some ideas for making the most of the HubSpot platform ‘s features and helping create a unique experience for potential customers as they interact with your marketing and sales content and contacts.  What content did the contact consult.

What are events and how

If a potential customer reads content about designing an optimiz website, they are likely considering restructuring their company’s website to attract more qualifi traffic. When you know the materials consult, you can adapt marketing strategies along wedding photo editing service the way, personalizing them to facilitate subsequent sales phases. HubSpot shows the history of activities that potential customers are performing on the website; the sales force can therefore monitor what the prospect is viewing and, at the same time, marketing can personalize the content bas on the information collect. . Which pages you visit Through HubSpot’s platform, you can observe potential.

Automatically collected events

Customers’ online behavior to get an idea of ​​what might interest them and adapt your sales process. New Call-to-action If potential customers visit Caseno Data your pricing page (if there is one), for example, they are likely more ready to purchase than those who don’t. Knowing if and when a potential customer has visit a specific page gives salespeople the ability to perform tailor follow-ups. By analyzing the path of visitors, you can get a precise idea of ​​what they are looking for and their behavior during navigation, to adapt the sales approach to the uniqueness of individual users. . How long you view content online Another indication provid by HubSpot is the time spent by the user on each page. Combin with other data.

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