For thousands of years, trees have been part What happens of our environment; these fabulous gifts of nature are essential for our lungs to receive sufficient oxygen. One of the best experiences that a human being can enjoy is planting a tree, since helping to conserve and care for them directly benefits our lives in the ecological. Social and economic sphere. To make it possible to preserve the environment in Mexico. In 1959 the government established the Forest Festival throughout the month of July. This means that every year. During this month, actions are carried out that exalt our ecosystems: the activities consist of restoring and expanding forest areas. Another of the tasks carried out on the occasion of this celebration is Arbor Day . Which is celebrated on the second Thursday of the month of July each year.

How are companies activated in this celebration?

Within the framework of this commemoration. Various organizations and companies come together to carry out favorable activities. What happens when you plant a tree? When you plant a tree, in addition to living a unique experience and being in contact with nature, you contribute to the environment in a considerable Netherlands Mobile Number List way, because although it may seem small. You are doing a great job. On the other hand, the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) states that trees provide numerous environmental services. As well as goods and services. Below we tell you some of them: Water collection. Oxygen production. Conservation of biodiversity and animal habitat. Decrease in global warming. Soil protection and erosion reduction. For example, large, leafy trees help in urban areas like Mexico City to: Protect from noise. Regulate the temperature. Act as barriers against wind.

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Donation in kind

Provide shade and privacy. Improve the landscape. Retain contaminants. How are companies activated in this celebration? During this celebration, some companies encourage voluntary reforestation practices and days among their collaborators and families, in order to reaffirm the culture of environmental preservation. In recent Russia Phone Number List days, to celebrate Arbor Day , about 30 volunteers from the Aldesa company gathered at the Ejido Magdalena Petlacalco, located in the mayor’s office of Tlalpan. The first day of reforestation and rehabilitation of this area in Mexico City took place there. It should be noted that Aldesa is a construction group dedicated to the development of civil works and building infrastructure, which also operates in the industrial sector and investment activities: renewable energy, real estate and concessions.

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