Apartheid was a system of racial segregation in South Africa and Namibia. It consiste of the creation of separate places, both housing and study or recreation, for different racial groups. Fhe exclusive power of the white race to exercise the vote and the prohibition of marriages or even sexual relations between whites and blacks. This fact is currently compare to the current climate situation and is therefore calle the world facing a “climate apartheid” between the rich who can protect themselves and the poor who are left behind, the UN warne. A recently publishe report estimate that more than 120 million people could fall into poverty in the next decade due to climate change. According to the report, as extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and hurricanes become more frequent. The world’s poorest people will be force to “choose between hunger and migration.

Europe drowns in heat wave

We risk a ‘climate apartheid’ scenario in which the rich pay to escape overheating hunger and conflict. While the rest of the world has to suffer,” said Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on Climate Change. extreme poverty and human rights. Alston said the difference between how climate change affects the rich and Algeria WhatsApp Number List the poor is already evident. Within the report the example of Hurricane Sandy 2012 in New York City was mentione, when thousands of low-income people were left without power and health care for days, the Goldman Sachs headquarters in Manhattan was kept safe by tens of thousands of sandbags and was powere by a private generator. Climate change is making poor countries poorer. Widening global inequality between nations, this was a warning that Stanford University researchers made long ago- But extreme weather events fuele by climate change are also increasing disparities within countries.

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More clean energy; They beat coal in the United Kingdom

Research publishe in 2017 in the journal Science projecte that the poorest counties in the Unite States will see the greatest economic damage from events such as droughts and Cambodia WhatsApp Number List hurricanes. Poor communities and women are the most vulnerable because they tend to depend more on agriculture. The livelihoods of the world’s poorest are most expose to the disasters of climate change, because poverty makes it impossible to escape, research says. When extreme weather hits, the poorest lack the resources neede to recover and become worse off, creating a vicious cycle. “ Perversely, while people living in poverty are responsible for only a fraction of global emissions, they will be the most affecte by climate change and will have the least ability to protect themselves Alston said.

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