Not only will you get great blog post ideas from the exchange. But you could ease some of the customer service burden by helping customers resolve common challenges before they call your customer service line. 3. Think about your past failures or challenges you have overcome. Readers love a good story. So draw from your past experiences to share your triumphs. Failures. And lessons learn. For example. Yousuf rafi shares 7 important life lessons learn in 5 years of blogging in this post on jeffbullas.Com . 4. Conduct a survey. Why not ask your audience directly what they want to know about your blog?

What trends are changing the

Or. Conduct a target survey and formulate a Africa Email List post around that data. As smart insights does in this post . 5. 5. Think about industry trends. What is the driving force for change in your industry today? What trends are changing the way you do business? Dicate a blog post to discussing each of these trends in depth. Or consider creating a “Roundup” style post like this one from corna. 6. Review your past blog posts. What did you write about one. Five or ten years ago? Consider writing a review post and discussing how things have chang over time.

Like a historical timeline

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Repurpose your old blog posts. Reposition your old   Caseno Data  posts into something new. Like a historical timeline or a collection of lessons learn. 8. Tie your  hobbies to your industry. You.Ve seen these posts before – the “7 things I learn about sales from knitting” type of posts. What do you do in your free time. And what do you apply to your professional life? 9. Tie current pop culture to your industry. A similar strategy to the hobby brainstorming trick. Think about how to tie in current pop culture trends with your niche. Instead of “7 things I learn about sales from knitting.” how about “7 things we learn about networking from avengers: infinity war ”?

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