Sometimes it makes me anxious because defining a plan to make someone else’s business work is a responsibility , but when what you have designed comes to fruition and the results translate into increased sales for customers, site traffic, loyal customers, l anxiety becomes euphoria. In this article I will explain what exactly strategic thinking is, what the main characteristics of those who think strategically are and, at the end, I will recommend practical exercises that will allow you to develop your strategic thinking .

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Oh and I had fun with the AI ​​creating the images India Mobile Number Data you see in this article. how to develop strategic thinking What is strategic thinking Thinking strategically is a soft skill and involves adopting a strategy. A strategy is nothing more than an action plan that aims to achieve a specific objective. Thinking strategically, in marketing as in life, requires these 3 conditions to be true: – You have a goal . For example: I want to create an e-commerce site for supplements to sleep better and get the first sales within 3 months; – You have a clear understanding of the current situation . For example: I do an audit of his marketing when the client asks for help because he receives few orders from his B2B platform.

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You have the right skills

This means that to define an effective Qatar Phone Number action plan  you must be clear about the steps to take and the skills to do so. For example: if I want to create an e-commerce site for sleep supplements and then get the first sales, I must know how to create a high-performance e-commerce site and generate quality traffic that enters the site. If we don’t have an objective, the strategic effort makes no sense. If we are not clear about the initial situation we could make mistakes Second exercise .

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