In short, uptmie is how long a serverĀ  hosting works uninterruptedly. No server operates 100% uninterruptedly, but we can say that the less interruptions there are, the better the quality of the server. UptimeRobot Uptime Robot allows you to monitor up to 50 sites for FREE with a 5-minute check. You can also perform basic site-related monitoring by monitoring keywords on a page to alert you to their presence. Uptime Robot also helps you monitor the port; For example, this means you can be notified immediately when services such as FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP or a custom port stop working. It doesn’t take even a minute to become a member of this system called Uptimerobot.

Monitoring system

After becoming a member You add your site to the management Spain Phone Number Data panel and wait for the results. You can track your hosting’s uptime rates in a great way with this website. You can quickly become a member by going to which notifies you when your site is down. I should especially point out that how long your site is open or closed is extremely important for Google. Even if you occasionally get the error that Google bots cannot reach your site. You should definitely use the hosting . Monitoring on your own server with php server monitor If you want to set up your own by installing software on your server, I recommend the open source software.

Phone Number Data

You can perform

The following operations with this Malaysia Phone Number software. Monitor ports Monitor the site Option to test configured thresholds before alerting Defining the timeout value You can receive notifications via e-mail, SMS, Telegram. What is site uptime monitoring? An uptime monitoring tool regularly checks your website for availability at specific intervals. When your website goes down, you will be instantly notified through multiple channels, allowing you to get the website back up. Check your internal services to make sure that your website is running smoothly in the background by monitoring whether the site is currently open or closed.

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