Obviously you need to see the contractual terms. Because if there are clauses on the matter, things could get a little complicated. What is WHOIS and how it works The WHOIS protocol is a query that checks domain names and IP addresses. Performed on websites such as Whois.com and Lookup.icann.org , The WHOIS query reveals. The data and identifying and contact information of the website being searched for. Simply put. WHOIS (from the English is a service that allows you to recover all the data linked to the domain such as ownership. Activation dates, renewal dates and other.


You can use the WHOIS

System to see if a domain name is Indonesia Telegram Number Data registered, who it is registered to, the owner’s contact details and other useful data for registering on the domain name. Anyone can use the WHOIS service using publicly accessible websites. Be careful though, Who Is data can also be hidden for privacy reasons and therefore, Even using the appropriate tools, some information may not be accessible. The WHOIS database is public and stores. The contact information of those who register a specific domain. Name or change DNS settings. While this is not a single, centrally managed domain name registrar. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) still regulates the entire database of WHOIS records.

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What is domain

Every website is made up of several  assembled parts, the first and Italy Telegram Number probably most important being the domain name . You should always make sure that no matter who registers your domain, they register it in your name. Remember that your domain name must be renewed every year and if you don’t do it, your website will automatically go offline. Your domain will become available for purchase again and anyone will be able to buy it. Simply put, anyone can evict you from your home if you forget to pay rent. The importance of the website being owned by you But let’s go back to practice and what happened to me just a few weeks ago. A potential customer from Rimini contacted me because he had a problem.

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