We begin the month of July with bad news: Japan resume commercial whaling after a ban of more than thirty years. Despite the promotion of animal care, criticism and prohibitions around the world about whaling, Japan will continue fishing and killing these mammals, previously it did so “in the name of research”, but now it will have lucrative purposes and according to they “cultural.” What you should know about whaling in Japan In 1986, commercial whaling was banne under a moratorium issue by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). In December 2018, the Japanese country announce its withdrawal from the organization and its return to commercial hunting starting this month. hunt whales Japan argues that whaling is part of its culture and is a maritime tradition that began after the ravages of World War II.

What you should know about whaling in Japan

Whale meat became a vital food source, so much so that in 1964, the Japanese consume 154 thousand tons of whale meat. By 2017, the Japanese consume around 3 thousand tons of this meat. Per capita, it is the equivalent of two tablespoons of whale meat per year. Some critics and animal protectors say the whaling Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List industry is kept alive only by government subsidies, and Japan’s Fisheries Agency has allocate the equivalent of approximately $463 million to support whaling for the fiscal year. 2019. Where are whales hunte Following the withdrawal of the IWC, whalers will no longer hunt in international waters, but will now do so in an economic exclusion zone that extends 200 nautical miles from the Japanese coast. According to the Japanese Fisheries Agency, a hunting quota of 227 whales has been extende until the end of the year.

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Where are whales hunted?

The quota of hunte whales is divide into Bryde’s whales, 52 Minke whales and 25 Sei whales. In addition to Japan, some other countries continue to hunt whales: Norway: A country that only respecte the ban until 1993, and then rejecte the moratorium. Iceland : This country undertook a scientific program to continue Australia WhatsApp Number List hunting whales. In he retire from the IWC but rejoine in 2004, although opposing whaling. In 2006 he resumed hunting. Denmark: In this country hundreds of whales die from legal hunting. The Faroe Islands are an autonomous region not subject to Danish or European Union laws, so the IWC moratorium has no effect on these hunts. Cost of whale meat Whale meat is selling for up to yen, about dollars, about Mexican pesos per kilogram.

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