These Are Some: Theme Forest Template Monster Pixel Class Web Chimpanzee Theme Male Theme Advanced Coding Anabel Design #. You can also choose a premium theme that is not found in any market, and to buy it, you must visit the developer’s website directly. I will introduce them to you in more detail below, but the best is undoubtedly, and. How to install a template or theme in Install a template or theme in In

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There are two ways: Install a theme or template from a repository If  new database  you choose a theme or template that is available in the official repository, you simply click it and click the “ install” button, then click “ activate”, and the theme works. Simple. Upload a theme or template from your computer On the other hand, if you buy an advanced template, the developer will provide you with a formatted download file. After downloading the file to your computer, you must go to “ look”>“ theme”>“”> to add new theme“”. You load it from your computer and then just install and activate it.

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 Ready! Choose one way or another and you will already have the theme or template installed and activated in it. Now, let’s see which are the best free and paid themes and templates The best free theme( with premium options) Astra theme The theme is the  Caseno Data  most downloaded freemium theme in the official repository, with more than a million downloads at the time of publishing this article. I couldn’t say more to him through that information.

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