The future of communication? Those who decide to focus on video to communicate on the web, know very well the enormous potential of this tool. And it moves in the right direction. Video marketing is one of the most effective content marketing techniques.  As well as being a growing trend, increasingly widespread and used by communication.  Experts especially on social media. On facebook, but also on instagram, the videos list news.  Show products, entertain with fun sketches. 


And most of the time they work more than texts or images conveyed online. Thanks to what factors? Emotions the videos are exciting. Images, words, music: the perfect.  Combination (when harmonious) to speak to people’s hearts. Whether on youtube or on television, new database birthday or comedians, videos that work “play” well with human feelings: joy, anger, fear, sadness, hope… And many others. And they set up a special connection with the viewer. Simplicity the videos are easy. For example, think about video tutorials. They have been very successful because through sequences of images.  Illustrate in a clear and unequivocal way complex passages to be explained in words.


Videos are also often used in the financial. Or insurance field to present mass-specific. Products and services, sometimes unexpert. Video comunicazione I want to personalize my communication imageimage personality . The videos are talking. A brand can reveal its character through videos. Choosing Caseno Data a particular language or tone of voice. A company that communicates with videos transmits a certain personality. Becomes human in the eyes of its customers and lays. The foundations for a deep relationship with them. The distances are shortened, new conversations are born I. Numbers videos can increase conversions by up to 300% . As explained in video marketing is the best strategy for content. In fact, 30% of mobile buyers consider video one of the most useful tools to examine the product . This comes from the 2017 web marketing festival.

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