There are four main reasons why companies should adopt a diversification strategy: The company wants to increase revenues The company wants to reduce economic risk The company’s core business is in decline The company wants to exploit potential synergies. Do you want to make a difference? CONTACT ME NOW AND LET’S TALK TOGETHER As always, before getting to the heart of the matter, I will examine what I believe to be the two best examples of corporate diversification strategy of the last twenty years. Apple One of the most famous companies in the world, Apple Inc. is perhaps the greatest example of a “correlated diversification” model.


Related diversification

That there are significant commonalities Cambodia Telegram Number Data between existing products and services and new ones in development. In 1984 Apple launched the Macintosh personal computer. The company had already launched previous products, such as the Apple I motherboard, but the Macintosh and related personal computing products defined Apple’s initial success. A period of decline hit the company in the mid-1990s, with Microsoft offering a cheaper and simpler (if less powerful) alternative to the PC. By the late 1990s, Apple was nearing bankruptcy. This is why the web development services I offer are multiple and often very different from what the classic web agency offers.

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Then everything changed when in 2001, Apple China Telegram Number launched the iPod and subsequent iTunes software (2003). Apple later hit the mark on diversification with the launch of the revolutionary iPhone in 2007. With modern smartphones and digital music players sharing functions with computers, it’s easy to forget that, before the 2000s, computers and cell phones bore almost no resemblance from a consumer perspective. But operational synergies in manufacturing allowed Apple to share resources and capabilities between the two product groups, as the smartphones Apple developed used many of the same resources and design principles as its computers.

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