In this article I will explain why it is important to create a blog for companies and professionals and I will suggest the useful steps to follow to write blog articles quickly and so that they are successful. Are you ready? The spark that ignited in me the desire to tap my fingers on the keyboard and write articles like this one started from the need to make my voice heard in that super crowded polyphonic choir called the web, the only Wonderland at our disposal. Why it’s important where everyone has the power of feeling like Alice . In this boundless wonderland.

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We users have become an active Italy WhatsApp Number Data part of the web  thanks to social networks that have given us a stage of our own. Right from the start I used social media to write content and share ideas that spoke about me, I liked that stage a lot! But since I moved from studying Computer Science to Digital Marketing I have definitely changed content, creating an Instagram profile assuntaferaca which I use to write and disseminate practical advice for mastering the marketer’s profession .

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Why it’s important comfortable

There you will find posts stories, carousels and  videos that briefly explain Brand concepts, experiments on how to best use Instagram and its Thailand Whatsapp Number algorithm, passing through guides and curiosities on the world of logo design and more generally on digital marketing. Content extracted from my Instagram profile ASSUNTAFERACA Now, apart from my father who every now and then asks me: “Assu, what exactly do you do for a living?” and feeling a bit like the Chandler Bing of the moment whose “Friends” haven’t quite understood what I’m about, I hope I’ve managed to introduce you into my world in just a few lines. Joy from Friends My father’s face when I start explaining the work I do! Now make yourself comfortable, I’m about to get to the heart of the matter.

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