Climate change is very evident. Companies, governments  and citizens around the world are implementing measures to stop or at least reduce it, however, recent studies presente say that climate change will end the world in 2050.  end the world in 2050? According to a scientific report prepare by an Australian specialize center calle Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration and supporte by a former chief of the Australian army. It is suggeste that an effort “similar to the emergency mobilization of World War II” be carrie out to avoid the catastrophes that this scenario implies; among them, a “high probability that human civilization will come to an end” in 2050 if mitigation measures are not taken in the next decade. Report on companies willing to defeat climate change At this point, climate change is not inevitable, it is getting worse.

Planting trees won’t help the environment

This analysis says that by 2050, climate change could become an “existential threat to human civilization” that can never be undone. The central thesis of the article is that climate scientists’ predictions are too limite. Climate change will affect the planet in the near future and the current climate crisis, they say, is bigger and more Belarus WhatsApp Number List complex than any human has ever dealt with before. Some climate models such as the one use by the Unite Nations Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2018 to predict that a global temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius could put hundreds of millions of people at risk did not take into account accounts for the great complexity of the Earth’s many interconnecte geological processes; as such. They fail to adequately predict the scale of possible consequences. Recent studies presente say that climate change will end the world in.

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It’s the solution fatal scenario?

Tweet this sentence. Many scientists claim that climate change is worse than any model presente can claim. In the study, experts talk about the most , where governments do not pay attention to the measures that experts suggest As well as the decarbonization of the economy by using alternative energies to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List common ones, since their continuous use results in an increase global temperature of 3ºC by 2050. Which would result in the world’s melting ice sheets. As well as brutal droughts that kill many of the trees in the Amazon rainforest (eliminating one of the world’s largest carbon offsets). And the planet is plunge into a feeback loop of increasingly hotter and more lethal conditions. of the global land surface and 5of the world’s population are subject to more than 20 days a year of lethal heat conditions.

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