A few years before someone had told me a curious thing. Adam Duritz. the lead singer of Counting Crows. before fame reach him. had sworn to kill himself when he reach the age of thirty. In that trance. one of Cioran’s most recogniz works came into his hands . Reading him was decisive. He said the book had kept him alive. And I understand it: as I read in some review. “Cioran does not discourage. he has the talent to strengthen”. Although the dominant tones in his writings are catastrophism. disappointment and the finest irony to deride God. the cosmos. the human experiment and existence (traits that are usually confus with pessimism. which. in the end . is only epidermal in this thinker).

Christian Idea of ​​Divinity

Reading it. far from injecting a dose of despair to whoever sets themselves the task of reading it carefully (leaving aside the clichés that accompany the mention of his name). transmits a strange calm that is born from the suspicion that nothing in this world is really worth it; that being. before a gift. is a condemnation; that death is not the true and tremendous misfortune. but the disastrous fact of being born; in short. that life is so insubstantial and evanescent. so incomprehensible and terrible. Cioran in the bus queue Yes. this seems business lead like pessimism. and the crudest kind. But I don’t feel that way. If life was poison with birth; if the fact that the world exists. in itself constitutes an affront to the majesty of nothingness; if rot is inscrib with the scourge of time marking our destiny (Cioran calls man “vertical carrion”);

He Is Discover as a

If death does not remy anything. and. even more so. if extinction is nothing more than one more terrible joke in this carnival of nonsense. disagreements and misunderstandings that is life; If. to put it crudely. living or dying. looking at things through the lens of the crudest detachment. does not give us or take away anything lasting and valuable. then. among what the pelanduscas comment to Cioran. when he was lost in the alleys of Rasinari. where the chronic insomnia he suffer drove him. and what the Caseno Data great sages of humanity proclaim is not a distance that can be judg appreciable. To say. solemnly. “an unexamin life is not worth living.” as Socrates put it (according to Plato). or to bray saying “live life. don’t let life live you.”

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