These four options are: Product recommendations Affiliate marketing + expertise –> my own blog Price comparison , I will focus on options 1 and 2, because they are the most familiar to me and the most used on my blog. Decide the topic of the blog It doesn’t matter what topic you build an affiliate blog around. But… Make sure that: affiliate products can be found around the topic readers are INTERESTED in reading about the topic For example, the Pinch of Yum blog writes “only” about food, but receives an average of $20,000 per month in affiliate commissions. In Finnish or English? I get asked this a lot.

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Is it worth writing in Finnish or starting directly in English? The question is easy to answer: The language special data depends on where you get the best and most readers. Because if we’re being honest, the primary goal of an affiliate blog is of course to get you affiliate commissions, i.e. lots of money. So it’s pointless to spend time and effort building a blog that is of no interest to anyone, and thus will not bring you any income. However, don’t do this: You write the post first in Finnish and then the ABSTRACT in ENGLISH. After all, this will not bring you English-speaking readers. NO THAT.  strange language, he goes away – tsup – and never comes back.

When an English-speaking reader sees

He doesn’t even SCROLL the text far enough to see the English text. AND a mere summary of the topic is NOT enough to convince an English-speaking reader to commit to your blog. However, please note that you DO NOT have to write in English yourself. You can translate the posts with a professional translator (which is not Google Translate). Or, instead of English, you can write in Swedish, Norwegian, German or even Chinese – if that’s more convenient for you Choose the right blog platform Surely you already know at this point that building a popular and reliable Caseno Data blog is not done with free blogging platforms. So forget Blogger and WordPress is the world’s most used blog platform, and especially its .

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