You to That is why it is so important to match the methods of payment and delivery of goods to the individual preferences of representatives of a given market. Payment methods How to pay in Slovakia? What are the preferences of Slovaks in terms of payments in e-shops? Well, the favorite form of settling transactions in Slovakia is payment for goods on delivery, which is why it is worth starting your adventure with the conquest of foreign markets by adjusting the rules of cooperation with a local courier network or operator of local parcel collection points.

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Lack of preferre methods of payment or delivery of goods can make the customer withdraw from the transaction literally at the last moment. Remember that the price we offer to our customers also includes VAT, which varies depending on the country in which the transaction photo editor is made and whether the order is place by a company or an individual. The value of this tax should be properly configure in the settings of our e-shop. For all companies selling online in the European Union, a special program has been prepare – Consumer Law Ready, which enables the implementation of free online courses.

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Courier company and pick-up point operator. Slovaks are very eager to use price comparison websites, such as. Google, Heureka, Pricemania, NajNakup, GLAMI, Favi, ShopAlike or Zbozi. The latter, due to additional functionalities, is most often chosen by representatives of the older generation. Price comparison Caseno Data websites allow the customer not only.  Access to the cheapest offer, but they reirect directly to the website of a given e-shop, which greatly facilitates the finalization of the entire transaction. For Slovaks, an extremely important element of the purchase transaction is the delivery time, dipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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