The choice fell on my professionalism (as indicated on my website) mainly because the owner of the Zadina Immobiliare. Agency was impressed by my website creation strategy. In addition, which starts from total interaction with the customer. In addition,  I looked online for a professional who operated in the area. The choice fell on Gianluigi in relation to what was indicated on his website. Therefore, on how he illustrated his strategy for creating websites by interacting with the customer.

Do you want to see the finished website?

THERE HE IS Solve customer problems Italy Telegram Number Data and needs At this point I rolled up my sleeves and went to revolutionize the now dated real estate website, updating it with new search methods and fulfilling all the requests that the client had made to me during our first interviews. As Davide Bucci, the owner of the Zadina real estate agency, is keen to underline He revolutionized our now dated website. In addition, updating it with new search methods and creating those we requested. On the other hand, the client had no previous. Therefore, experience with other  but knew well that if he had not invested in visibility.

Telegram Number Data

Zadina Real  Professional marketers

SEO but above all in a mobile friendly  website, he would have Nigeria Telegram Number difficulty keeping up with the times, risking losing competitiveness with the other colleagues in the area. As I wrote in a previous article entitled how to use Local SEO to increase local visits, also in this case the website I designed was made to be able. In addition, in the shortest possible time. Therefore, to obtain visibility in the local area, because this it must be the first step. Therefore, to then climb the SERPs of search engines at a national level. In addition, I have over 10 years of experience in the field and together with my collaborators I deal with the management of Instagram accounts.

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