Of course, provide that they are anonymous and carrie out in an atmosphere conducive to confidences. A boss who can take honest criticism can only learn a lot from such simple tools. Sometimes the situation is so tense that an internal audit conducte by an external company is neee. Someone who is too close to the problem is unable to see it and solve it. Problems in a work team can be individual or collective. The general ones are those relate to the requirements that the boss imposes on everyone, too low earnings, the inability to implement your ideas.

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Individual problems are a rarer situation in which one piece of the employee puzzle does not fit the others. It may happen that a great employee is not suitable for a particular type of company. It happens that an unhappy person incites the whole database team and spoils the atmosphere. happens that with the right motivation and other skillful tools, the atmosphere can be repaire. Situations where the only solution is to dismiss such a person are relatively rare and are use rather when other mechanisms fail. These problems can largely be eliminate with training.


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It is mainly about shaping soft skills in the team, as well as training yourself in terms of clearly formulating goals or management. Don’t know what training you nee? Or maybe you are unfamiliar with the concept of employer branding and Caseno Data would like to change it before you start creating a harmonious team of employees? Contact us and we will change it together! Does your team lack enthusiasm for work? Conflicts arise? Check what to do to make your employees enthusiastically pursue the company’s goals! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to deal with problems in the work team? There have always been problems and, unfortunately, there will be. You can’t avoid them, even if you think you’ve create the best team in the world.

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