These searches include geolocalized qualifiers , such as city, state, address, telephone number, etc. and this is why they are called “near me”. Therefore, searches in technical jargon, where Google collects the geolocation of the person and provides search results from that area. What is the difference between SEO and local SEO. Therefore, It is possible that you have already heard of SEO (search engine optimization). Therefore, but if you don’t know, SEO is the action that leads to optimizing your website to make it more visible on search engines at a global (national) level and international). Local SEO, on the other hand, is more focused on the audience close to your business. Therefore, in your community, compared to the national audience.

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Said another way, SEO is a larger umbrella that Italy Email List includes local SEO. Knowing this difference between the two will help your business develop better ways to reach your qualified leads . Why is Local SEO important? In addition to allowing you to get a greater ROI or return on investment, it can help you better penetrate your local market. Local SEO is extremely important. Therefore, especially if you have a business with a physical store or one that provides a service in a certain limited area.

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Think for example of the voice Taiwan Email List search  and think if you, as the owner of a restaurant in Riccione, were the first for this search every time a tourist on holiday in Riccione looks for a restaurant to have lunch or dinner. Use local SEO to increase your local visibility According to a study done by Forbes, 95% of smartphone users use their device to perform mobile searches for local businesses. Of these, 61% called the company and 59% visited it. But let’s go further and you will be surprised to know that  found that 70% of mobile users click to call a business directly from Google search results using their mobile phone.

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