The national coordinator of Civil Protection (PC) of the Ministry natural disasters of the Interior (Segob) , David León, considered that the national business sector is a fundamental actor in the prevention, care and remediation campaigns of the impacts generated by natural disasters, such as droughts, rains and hurricanes. In an natural disasters interview with ExpokNews, he indicated that the National Civil Protection System has the presence of all social sectors and the work carried out by the private initiative in prevention and care for the affected population is very important. “We ask them (the companies) to maintain their support in caring for the population when it has been impacted by climate phenomena,” he said after the swearing-in of the members of the National Civil Protection Council in the First Ordinary Session of said organization, which was chaired by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Companies will carry out information campaigns

The head of PC indicated that organized society and companies will be present at the Council sessions, since the issue of public safety concerns everyone and the essential thing is the prevention of damage. He exemplified that among the sectors where companies’ prevention stands out are the buildings they build to be more Sweden Phone Number List resistant to climate change. Segob details that the economic impact of disasters caused by natural phenomena has meant an expense of 425 billion pesos for Mexico during the period 2000-2016. He recalled that 2010 was the worst year, with an impact on public spending of 92,166 million pesos due to the effects of three hurricanes. In fact, the hydrometeorological factor (hurricanes and floods) generates 9 out of 10 disasters in the country, indicates the federal agency.

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Impacts of natural phenomena in the world

For his part, the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, told ExpokNews that businessmen are very collaborative and have been essential in spreading prevention messages against natural disasters, especially with the arrival of hurricanes. In past years, when hurricanes have hit the State, hotel corporations USA Phone Number List have been essential to rebuild the city’s infrastructure and assist the most affected population, he commented. He explained that state and federal civil protection projects cannot function without the presence of companies, even more so in entities with seas and coasts, as is the case of Quintana Roo. For this reason, he said that “it is vital that they are present and participate in the dissemination of prevention and education programs on how the population should act in the presence of hurricanes.

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