Strategies for Selling Businesses, whether online through e-commerce or in the physical space. You offer is always dealing with human beings. People are who we sell to, who we deliver products to, and who we provide service to. The human element of business has always made developing relationships with clients essential, just as real estate agents have always strived to make empty houses on the market feel more welcoming .

The Customer Experience

Simply put, customer experience is the sum total of everything  that goes through a customer’s mind during their interaction with your company. It is not about any stage of the business, just buying a product or using it. Instead, every moment a customer’s attention is on her brand is somehow part of her experience. Customer experience (or CX) is then a big concept with a lot of complexity.

What is customer experience?

As described above, CX can seem too big and Aero Leads complicated to control. How could someone think about every moment of every interaction a customer Caseno Data has with their business? How can a small moment or detail affect a customer’s perception of your brand? In fact, it can be done relatively quickly by breaking down how a customer moves through your online presence.

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