The official confirmation of receipt of the declaration by the Tax Office. According to the announcement, can be found in the Submitt documents tab . Your The second After going to the Submitt documents tab , you can select the year for which you want to view the sent settlements. Your submitt documents In addition to the immiately visible status of. Which means The second that the document has been successfully submitt, the following options are also available: to submit. Correction, changing the form in this case to checking the status of the tax refund if any result from the return.

After selecting this option

We are rirect to the Tax Refunds section , where information about refunds already made is present. At the very top of the page there is an information message: If you do not see information about the refund or overpayment from the submitt declaration below, it means philippines photo editor  that we are in the process of verifying it. You will see the status of your refund once we start processing it. Your e-PIT – PIT returns downloading the UPO document, downloading the submitt PIT tax return.

If we do not make any moves

We will not log in to your e-pit at all, or after logging in, we will not perform any action – that is, we will neither confirm nor reject the declaration and we do not submit the annual return in any other way on paper or electronically through another program , then on the day Caseno Data of the deadline for submitting the tax return, the pre-prepar tax return in this form will be recogniz by the office as submitt. Settlement via e-PIT – summary Every year, the tax office introduces new facilitations and reliefs in the preparation of annual settlements. The possibility of preparing returns in an electronic version is an incrible simplification.

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