When we are stressed, our ability to concentrate is drastically reduced because the brain focuses on the source. Therefore, of our stress and does not leave us free to wander with our mind, an essential activity for activating the creative process. This situation determines a creative block that irremediably stresses us more and more precisely because we are unable to create. Therefore, what we want as we want it and we sink into a vicious circle from. Therefore, which we cannot escape until the causes that cause the stress. Have you ever been unable to work on a project. Analysis of the because you felt inadequate for the job? I will delve deeper into this second factor that generates the absence of inspiration starting from the definition of stress.

Analysis of the inspiration

Stress is a psychophysical response Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data that our  body implements when we are faced with tasks that we consider excessive. This feeling of inability, the fear of making a mistake. Therefore, the anguish, are part of the symptoms of performance anxiety which is a completely normal and transitory condition when starting a new experience or an important and complex project. One thing I have learned during. Therefore, my professional career is that everything can be learned. Therefore, everything can be trained, you just need to really want it.

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Performance anxiety

The real mistakes that are made are all  part of the game: only those who Thailand Whatsapp Number don’t do things never make mistakes. Everything is learned and what happens to personal inclinations? These determine the time it takes us to achieve a goal. The more inclined you are to do something, the less time it will take you to do it. Time, however, is inversely proportional to how many times you repeat the same thing. What the hell did I say? I mean, if you don’t give up, there will be a time when inclined people and less inclined people will spend the same amount of time doing the same thing.


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