The Social Media Manager is a profession like a lawyer or a doctor. What do you expect from a doctor? You expect me to solve a problem related to your health. What do you expect from a Social Media Manager? You expect me to solve a problem related to your social channels. Let’s take an example. Problem solved by a doctor: A patient feels sick and has a fever. The doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatment. The patient feels better and can return to his normal life. Problem solved by a Social Media Manager: A company has a bad reputation on social media.You can enter information such as your phone number and, if available, a link to your portfolio.


The Social Media Manager

creates a strategy to  improve the company’s reputation. The company Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data begins to receive positive feedback on social media and its reputation improves, thus improving sales. Both professionals solve a problem for their patient (for the Doctor) / client (for the Social Media Manager), with one difference: the work of a doctor is important for a person’s health, while the work of a Social Media Manager it is important to the success of a company or business. In an age where social media dominates our lives, the role of the Social Media Manager has become increasingly relevant.

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Professionals to demonstrate

Problem solving is the best way Australia Whatsapp Number for social  media professionals to demonstrate the value of their work to clients. To do this, they need to acquire solid skills and understand that working on social media is not just about posting cute photos or updating the bio of a company page; their work goes much further. Download the checklist and immediately increase the value of your work , so you can get paid more. Soon I will explain to you what skills the Social Media Manager must have in order to define himself as a professional.



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