Diversification is a business development strategy in which a company develops new products and services or enters new markets in addition to existing ones, or more simply presents the same services and/or products of competitors in a different way. Diversification strategy can jump-start a struggling company or further increase the success of already highly profitable companies. Corporate diversification Are you thinking about diversifying your business? If yes, it means you are on the right site since, as I was saying, I for one strongly believe in diversification.

Corporate diversification

Because I differentiate myself I’ll make a Brazil Telegram Number Data quick premise: I have always believed that standardization not only serves no purpose, but that it often leads to a leveling out in both working and private life. This is why I, first of all, but also to my clients, always propose diversified digital marketing strategies. For example, in my work I always try to create a tailor-made website , starting from the customer’s requests, not only in terms of graphics, but above all in the services he wants to offer. I NEVER use templates that can be purchased online or worse, free. Every website I create is unique in graphics. And layout and the customer is present in every phase of the project.

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Online project

The website does not go online if the  customer is not perfectly Canada Telegram Number satisfied. In addition to this, after delivery, I offer one year of free support. Obviously the commercial leverage is not free. But rather presence. The customer knows that at any time and for any reason he can call me for support. The customer is taken by the hand and is never alone. I do this solely and exclusively because I like to assist the customer and provide a tutoring service to make them understand what I do, but above all to help them grow online in a conscious way, providing the necessary peace of mind, knowing that at any time if they have a problem they can call me.

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