Do anything you can think of to drive traffic to them. If you’re low on ideas here are 76 ways to promote an article. What articles to keep producing Look at the articles more closely. Do they share any formats or features Look at the topics of the top performers. Do they have anything in common Creating more of these means having more 10x performers and faster list growth. And since you’re already in the AI you can ask it to create outlines or drafts for those new articles. Chart #3 Video topics that viewers engage with the most YouTube Analytics has a lot of nice reports. But it doesn’t show the rates at which visitors engag with your

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Content. So the high look like they’re the most engaging videos. But that probably isn’t true. Your low traffic videos may produce more likes and comments per view than the high traffic videos. Likes per view and comments  business email list per view aren’t YouTube Analytics metrics. It won’t show you this. It also doesn’t categorize your videos by topic. But this chart does… chart showing which video topics get the most engagement The data and the prompts for making this chart First go to the advanc analytics section of YouTube Studio. Add all the engagement metrics to the chart and then export to CSV. I’m giving you data from YouTube Studio. Can you

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 Are a video content strategist. Categorize these videos into marketing topics bas on their titles. Analyze the performance and engagement metrics for each topic Caseno Data category. Exclude views and impressions. Show your thinking. Draw a chart. How to use this chart First double check your inputs and outputs. Check for accuracy. Anything look weird Proce. The colors for the topics with the longest bars are the topics that your viewers are interacting with the most. The engagement across topics differs widely. The insights and actions are mostly obvious but here are some quick suggestions Produce more videos on the topics that get the

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