Greatest engagement Make sure that you’ve embd the videos of these top topics everywhere you can Produce more articles on those top topic to give yourself more opportunities to emb videos Consider stopping video production on topics that aren’t getting engagement. Confirm that the names of your best topics are in your YouTube Channel description and align with the categories on your blog. Try the following prompts for further analysis and recommendations Which words and phrases in video titles correlate with performance Bas on this data suggest 10 video titles and topics that would likely perform well in the

YouTube channel

Topics that drive results in emails from the inbox through the website Your ESP (email service provider) has data for you opens clicks and unsubs. Your GA4 has campaign data for you business lead visits engagement rate conversion rate But few. Email marketers ever combine these data sources into a single report that shows the performance of campaigns across the full funnel from opens and clicks through to engagement and conversions. And few content strategists ever see full-funnel email stats per topic. That’s because it’s difficult and time consuming to combine data sources map together the campaigns and report on

Performance of campaigns

business lead

And topically group campaigns. It would be a fancy custom Looker Studio report. Yet here it is… shart showing which topics perform well across all email metrics How to make this chart. The data and the prompts The Caseno Data email performance is an export from your ESP. The website traffic performance is an export from GA4. It’s in the Traffic Acquisition report with Session. Campaign set as the primary dimension and Date set as the secondary dimension. Create a filter the report shows only data when the Session source/mium contains email. Export this report. Note this is only possible if you’ve been faithfully tracking your email campaigns

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