When a user leaves a review, the algorithm in question evaluates it not only as positive or negative. Therefore, but also for its relevance and quality . Responding to a review means adding information to the database and therefore providing the algorithm with additional. Therefore, keywords that it itself indexes. Here’s the trick: a review adds information not only for other users but also for the algorithm itself. Therefore, and the response to the review adds additional useful information. Therefore using targeted and studied keywords within the review responses allows, in a certain way, to also carry out SEO and local SEO.

Responding to a review

How to respond to negative reviews Many Germany Email List make the mistake of not responding to the negative reviews they receive on the web. If you have carefully read what I wrote in the previous paragraph you will have understood. Therefore, the importance of always responding to any type of review. This is why even a negative review can turn into an opportunity not to be underestimated, to develop a bond with the user, if only to make it clear, firstly to the customer, then to other customers or potential customers and finally to the search engines.

Email Data

That you are always present

For better or for worse and if a problem occurs or a Japan Email List user needs information you are always there no matter what. For example, you could respond by thanking them for the criticism if it seems constructive to you. You can then leave room for an explanation of your reasons, but an explanation that is not an end in itself or with the aim of necessarily reaching consensus. Always try to argue the response to a negative review calmly, without fueling controversy. Therefore, and don’t take it personally. Always show that you are sorry and if necessary you can try to propose a solution to the problem that is reported to you.

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