ven presidential elections generate garbage. With the electoral ballots that were generate for the 2018 presidential election, 600,000 textbooks were made that will be distribute in basic education schools throughout the country. According to Antonio Meza Estrada, head of the National Commission for Free Textbooks, the ballots from the 2018 elections were recycle, thus concluding the agreement with the National Electoral Institute (INE), through which this organization authorize the donation of the material use in the elections in which the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was the winner, in order to transform it into recycling paper. It is the first time that election ballots have been reprocesse, recycledand now use as textbooks. We receive them in different places and send them for reprocessing, there are tons.

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Meza Estrada “ The important thing is that the ballots were reprocesse and now they are free textbooks. Then democracy becomes education. This will be remembere as the year in which electoral ballots became textbooks,” he said in an interview with Excelsior. It will be in this new school year that these books Saudi Arabia Phone Number List will be in the country’s classrooms. Recycled paper There were 3,338 tons of used paper that Conaliteg received this year from various institutions such as the Secretariats of Health, Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Treasury and the Environment. Also from Correos de México, IMSS, ISSSTE, Aeroméxico, the National Lottery, Liconsa, the Senate and Infonavit, among others. “This paper is ground and after that it is reuse as source pulp for new books.

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Estrada. That makes most books kind to the environment, he conclude. Recycle to Read For more than a decade, Conaliteg has been carrying out the Recycle to Read program, with which, in alone,books were obtaine with recycle paper, which is equivalent to 31,491 pines. Conaliteg is the main consumer of Thailand Phone Number List printing paper in Mexico. For the recycling process to be carrie out, it is first necessary to detect which company or agency is going to dispose of your paper, it must say how much paper you have and where the material is locate. Afterwards, an agreement is signe specifying the separation criteria. Once signe, the collection company hire by Conaliteg is requeste to come and collect the material. In the case of Mexico City, the minimum quantity for collection is one and a half tons, and for the other states of the Mexican Republic.

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