Sms is an essential marketing channel for all kinds of businesses. But. It can be tricky to nail down what kind of message is appropriate for sms. And what kind will annoy and drive away your customers. Read this post for five incrible sms marketing examples of messages your audience actually wants to read.Everyone likes getting gifts. But everyone also has that one weird family member. You know. The one who makes you ugly crochet “fashion statements” for christmas and gets you underwear for your birthday.

They have good intentions

They have good intentions. But they’re probably unaware and out of touch with what people actually want. In short message service (sms) marketing. Many brands. Unfortunately. Become just like europe email list your great aunt margaret. Someone told them that “those hip young people like text messages.” and they start sending sms marketing messages that are the equivalent of a crochet necktie and tighty-whities.

According to zendesk

According to zendesk. The popularity of using sms messaging to contact businesses grew by 75% in 2020. However. Just like gift-giving. It’s key that you actually give people what they want when they start a text conversation with your brand.For example. According to simpletexting. Only 9% of consumers want to hear Caseno Data about your customer satisfaction survey via text. (which. Let’s be real. Makes up like 99% of text messages people receive from businesses. Annoying much?) on the other hand. According to the same survey. 35% of consumers would love to get special offers or promotions via text.

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