Your rich result can also appear in the carousel. Which is a list of “card” results that users can easily scroll through. The carousel appears before regular. Therefore, organic results in SERPs. Structured data for voice search Voice search has become very important as more and more people search by speaking into their mobile devices or smart speakers. When a voice search is performed on a smart speaker. Structured dataan automatic voice. Will read the result to the user. The result that is read is from a featured snippet about 40% of the time.

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Featured snippets are taken from the page UK Telegram Number Data content, not from structured data. Google has begun implementing what it calls speakable scheme that recognizes content within a web page that can be read aloud by the smart speaker using text-to-speech . Speakable schema is structured data that has a code format. Therefore, that can be added to web pages. As Google continues to roll out the speaking scheme.  it will have a bigger impact on voice search. Structured data types. Today I have the pleasure of introducing. Structured data you to a new national project dedicated to a very important topic: the mental and physical well-being of all of us.

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There are many schema markers. That can be used to mark Mexico Telegram Number many different things. Your website as structured data. When deciding what to encode as structured data, think about the type of content you have on your website and what you want users to find. Keep it simple and use common schema markers that are relevant to your content. The following are the structured data types I use most to brand my clients’ websites: Articles Corsi FAQ and Q&A page Practical guides Musica Recipes Speaking text Video TV shows and movies Podcast Events Companies and organizations Job adverts Products and services data for SEO.

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