Caring for the environment is an issue that involves us all, however, not many assume that responsibility.  Natura a Brazilian manufacturer and marketer of beauty and personal care products, is one of the brands that is committe not only to Brazil its country of origin. But to the entire world. The company wants its carbon footprint to be minimal, and to offset what it emits; For this reason, it manufactures sustainable products and surrounds itself with fair trade. In addition, the cosmetics brand stands out for not testing on animals and having vegan products. The firm is growing. Emonstrate by the number of consulting firms it has registere throughout the year. It is a brand that is expanding successfully.

Vegan Cosmetics; Natura sets the example

Each one of them is extracte from the Amazon in a sustainable way, taking care of the environment and the hands that harvest them. Vegan Cosmetics; Natura sets the example The firm no longer tests on animals to create its items, it now uses synthetic leather. Within its product portfolio, 80% of them are vegan: they USA Phone Number List do not use any animal products for their production. Following its acquisition of US firm Avon Products Inc, Natura is accelerating its global ambitions, betting that its brand of natural and ethnic cosmetics will appeal to the aforementione consumers. To achieve its goal, it is looking for figures like Ava Lee, a New Yorker who attende the Bronx event. “It’s hard to find products that smell this good and at the same time are very gentle on the skin and don’t cause irritation.

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Pay Netflix, Spotify and Telmex by recycling cans

Through these acquisitions  it has trie to imprint its sustainable spirit on these brands. With Body Shop he refocuse his marketing campaigns on the cruelty-free cause that the brand had promote in the 1970s. It also took the fair trade model it uses to source ingreients from the Amazon, and has expande it to the African Belgium Phone Number List communities that provide Body Shop moringa oil, at Aesop. The cosmetic brand offers spare parts. Which help prevent a greater amount of carbon dioxide from being produce when manufacturing. Using and distributing them. Unlike common products, spare parts contain less plastic, and this helps reduce consumption.

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