It is popularly known that plastic straws. Along with trash made of the same material, are the cause of crises in our marine ecosystems. Videos circulate on social networks in which you  can The straws see how straws become embedded or stored in the bodies of species. Avoiding these products is a priority. Approximately their use time is 15 to 20 minutes, and they are discarded immediately afterwards. There are many campaigns against the use of plastic straws, however, perhaps the solution is not simply to eliminate them, but to replace them with other options. Some bars say that customers don’t trust the idea that stainless steel straws can be completely disinfected. Says Gelmann. The fires in the Amazon are an international crisis and affect the entire planet. No wonder this area is known as the lungs of the world.

The straws arrive… made of spaghetti pasta

To achieve this, initiatives have been created that seek to replace this material with another that is more environmentally friendly. Some options are: Market biodegradable corn straws . Make straws from avocado , paper, bamboo. Create edible straws. They all have one purpose: eliminate plastic and reduce Australia Phone Number List damage. The straws arrive… made of spaghetti pasta Although it is a problem that affects ecosystems around the world, the United Kingdom is one of the countries that has opened its eyes to this great conflict. Approximately 8.5 billion straws are used in this country. For this reason, their use will be completely prohibited by 2020. Some interested in creating a product with the same functionality as a straw have decided to make straws with a very well-known material: spaghetti.

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Bolsonaro says no to the G7 while the Amazon burns

The initiative is called Stroodles and it is generating a great sensation. Maxim Gelman, founder of Stroodles, says pasta straws check all the boxes in terms of functionality, just as a plastic straw does. Spaghetti straws are the same shape and size as a standard straw, but unlike a paper straw, these don’t taste like wet paper, last at Cambodia Phone Number List least an hour, and are more functional in cold drinks. Stroodles are an excellent option, however their cost is high. According to Gelmann, this is not a problem, since they are still competitive within the industry. «They compare us to paper straw prices, which makes my argument much easier. Other alternatives, such as bamboo or stainless steel, are more expensive and possibly a less elegant solution.

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