Use cases: Migrating to a new domain Cleaning up dynamic URLs and redirecting them to shorter, search engine-friendly versions Preventing duplicate content issues Cleaning outdated posts While clearing similar posts What is 302 redirect? It is one of the http redirect status codes. It refers to temporary relocation. You know, on the door of the offices, it says “I went to Friday and I’m coming”, which is its equivalent in http codes. Therefore, its use is not recommended for SEO purposes, except for temporary redirect situations.

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It is a redirect code, not an error code. To avoid traffic loss due Netherlands Number Data to redirection and ranking loss in keywords; Attach all your files, such as SQL, ASP or HTML , to the host connected to your newly registered domain and let it work. Open a Google webmaster tools account. Add your website. If you already have one, log in to Google Search Console . We create the old domain with .htaccess with 301 redirects. If you are a cpanel user, you can also do it via redirect. Go to the address change section from the Google search console menu. Apply the settings you see in Figure A below.

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We create a sitemap file in our new Latvia Phone Number domain and add it to Google Search Console. We send a request to add our site again with Add Url. Be sure to read! How to submit a URL to Google? In the new Google Search Console, the address change tool is available in the settings section. search console 301 address change tool These are what you need to do. Of course, your site will lose some visitors. However, he will come to his senses after a while. You can also move the old domain to the new domain without any problems by adding the following code to the htaccess file. Redirection process with new web config for It will be enough to add the following code to the web.config file. When the old site address is entered, the site will automatically be directed to the new domain name.

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