What is Uptime?

In short, uptmie is how long a serverĀ  hosting works uninterruptedly. No server operates 100% uninterruptedly, but we can say that the less interruptions there are, the better the quality of the server. UptimeRobot Uptime Robot allows you to monitor up to 50 sites for FREE with a 5-minute check. You can also perform basic

What is site uptime monitoring?

If you are receiving problematic server service, you should definitely read this article. Do you doubt whether the hosting company is in trouble? Of course, it will be hard for you to spend twenty-four hours on the net and keep track. Whether the site is open or closed now. There are uptime tracking systems. That

How to redirect to new domain with 301 on Blogger sites?

Write your current site address where it says previouskisiteniz.com, and write the domain name you just bought and want to redirect to where it says newsiteyour.com. Redirection will occur correctly. It should not be forgotten that after a 301 redirect, the site is redirected with all its negative and positive forms. For example, if you

When to use 301 redirects

Use cases: Migrating to a new domain Cleaning up dynamic URLs and redirecting them to shorter, search engine-friendly versions Preventing duplicate content issues Cleaning outdated posts While clearing similar posts What is 302 redirect? It is one of the http redirect status codes. It refers to temporary relocation. You know, on the door of the

What is redirection?

If you ask why redirection is done. For some, this may be a reason to escape from Google penalties. In our opinion, it is certain that criminal proceedings will be applied again soon after the guidance. For this reason, it would be healthier to apply link cleaning or other methods of avoiding penalties. Despite this,

Creating WordPress themes

WordPress dominance maintains its place among ready-made software and continues. In response to this, the resources available on the internet are increasing. But we are sure that you will like the software we will introduce now. In short, the program automatically turns the Photoshop (.psd) file in which you have prepared an interface for WordPress

Ready and free photoshop psd template website examples

Sites that publish free photoshop files and ready-made psd samples are very useful resources for beginners. And professionals in the graphics business in terms of providing inspiration. There are thousands of ready-made template. sites on the internet, but when giving ps lessons on these sites. They only explain how to do it and are generally

Fast loading possible with Wp Fastest Cache plugin

In my opinion, it is one of the highest quality paid add-ons. It is also the most popular alternative to Premium SeoPack, which contains very detailed modules. Wpseo pros 301 redirection and management Black list Ability to enter meta tags manually Duplicate content check keyword management Google ranking and authority tracking Option to import from

The best and useful WordPress plugins

Wp PageNavi It is a navigation menu plugin that allows you to navigate more easily by providing options such as 1-2-3 or forward-backward-end under the pages where WordPress is missing. Broken Link Checker It is a great plugin that regularly checks internal links that are not working within the site and notifies you. Definitely have

Most useful wordpress plugins 2023

There is no need to reconquer Rome. WP plugins that work for other people will probably work for you, too. As it is known, WordPress is no longer used only as a content management system. Most corporate web design companies use this infrastructure when designing websites. The biggest factor that affects this is that WordPress

How to find Gov and Edu backlink?

Google, with its penguin algorithm. Filtered sites that were considered spam. Such as buying links and receiving reciprocal links. That’s why we need to be much more careful now. Stay away from garbage sites that sell backlinks to many sites every day. backlink-acquisition. Write comments on blogs that are similar in content. Your comments should

Quality backlink resources

One of the most important factors that come to mind when it comes to ranking high in search results is the naturalness and quality of the backlinks given to your site from other sites. Obtaining quality, authoritative and free backlinks also increases. The search engine success of your site. Promotional articles. Which have been the