Using performance indicators is essential to keep your marketing strategy evolving. Here are the 14 main Digital Marketing Metrics to measure your success.

1. Total Website Visits

In order to establish your presence on the Internet, it is essential to have a website.

Besides centralizing the most relevant information about your business, you can use the portal for developing a blog, which is key to attracting and nurturing leads.

Therefore, one of the most important Digital Marketing metrics is Total Site Visits, which, as the name indicates, measures the overall number of visitors to your website.

In the ideal scenario, Whatsapp Number List Total Site Visits should present stable growth from week to week.

However, if you notice a drop in the volume of visits, it is time to take action to make the website more attractive to consumers.

2. Traffic by Channels

Besides knowing your total traffic volume, it is important to analyze where each visitor comes from.

After all, for your strategy to achieve good results, you must rely on a variety of channels and monitor them individually. Therefore, segregate the traffic sources and identify the most relevant ones.

If you notice, for example, that few of your visitors arrive by organic search, this may indicate that your Caseno Data approach needs optimization.

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