Control stress with breathing Breathing is the optimal method to keep stress at bay , free the mind from bad thoughts and break down insecurities. I advise you to practice breathing cycles consistently, if you could do it every day it would be perfect but even 2 or 3 times a week is fine. In fact, more than a practical method to be applied only when generating creative ideas. Therefore, this method is capable of producing notable benefits in the long term, if practiced with a certain consistency.

Comfortable position

Over time, I also combined meditation UAE WhatsApp Number Data with these  sessions thanks to the book Know and Use Transcendental Meditation which was my practical guide to get started. Breathing is the first method I propose to you because breathing is the basis of everything. Do you like sushi. Therefore, This first method is like when you go to eat sushi and prepare your palate by eating ginger. Breathing is like ginger: it prepares the mind for the creative process. Therefore, Let’s see what it is specifically about: The breathing square consists of carrying out breathing cycles starting from.

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Square consists

I usually lie on the yoga mat but you can also sit USA Whatsapp Number cross-legged or  stand. Once you have chosen your ideal position, close your eyes and follow this breathing pattern: – inhale slowly for 3 seconds; – hold your breath for 3 seconds; – exhale slowly for 3 seconds; – hold your breath for 3 seconds. It’s called a breath square because you imagine each phase positioned on the side of a square, as in the image. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes. Therefore, then change the time like this: – inhale slowly for 4 seconds. Therefore, hold your breath for 4 seconds,- Exhale slowly for 4 seconds. – hold your breath for 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle for 10 minutes. You can consider the opposites of ideas or you can look for aspects within bad ideas that might inspire a good idea from the list of attributes.

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