In recent years, scientists and environmental experts have warne us that plastic is affecting our ecosystems and that therefore we should reduce its use. Around the world there are places calle garbage islands”, where plastics gather massively and affect the marine ecosystem. Plastic is lodge in these places and as it decomposes, it transforms into microplastics. Which lodge in animals that are eventually caught and eaten by human beings. Therefore, humans are feeing on microplastics that are harming them, since on average a person can ingest around five grams of plastic per week. An amount equivalent to the weight of a creit card, according to a study by the University of Newcastle, Australia. Every week you eat thousands of pieces of plastic Every week. About two thousand small pieces of plastic are consume by people.

Grams per month grams per year

As reveale in an analysis calle Nature without plastic: evaluation of human ingestion of plastics present in nature”, prepare by the World Wide Fund for Nature. for its acronym in English This study also reveals that plastic pieces are found in water, air, soil and food. 21 grams per month, grams per year. The findings Bahamas WhatsApp Number List should be a wake-up call, therefore, the general director of WWF International Marco Lambertini, said that “plastics not only pollute our oceans and waterways. And are killing marine life; They are in all of us and we cannot escape their consumption. Every week. About two thousand small pieces of plastic are consume by people. Tweet this sentence. “Global action is urgent and essential to address this crisis.

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Awareness about plastics increases

If we don’t want plastic in our bodies, we have to stop the millions of tons of this material that continue to leak into nature every year. To attack this crisis, we nee to take urgent action at the level of governments companies and consumers, and establish an agreement with global objectives to tackle plastic pollution. Finding Italy WhatsApp Number List the results is a great advance in understanding the degree of plastic pollution. Also confirming the nee for a plastic management system in order not to contaminate ecosystems. The different populations in the world should reuce the amount of plastic use every day and thereby attract other types of results. In the Unite States or India. The amount of plastic doubles compare to Europe or Indonesia.

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