Vegetation provides countless benefits to humanity. From improving the view that we enjoy daily around us, to providing oxygen and cleaning that vital air that enters our lungs. Protecting our forests and green areas is the best way to keep the lungs of our planet alive. Every time we offer care to one of these spaces we give back to nature a little of the much it gives us and that we have often mistreated. Let’s plant trees… and awareness too! As part of its commitment to social responsibility. Coppel has gotten to work. Through Coppel Comunidad, it has called on collaborators and clients to join the task of recovering various green areas and helping rescue our planet. The Sembremos Comunidad initiative was activate for the first time three years ago and has been carrie out annually since then.

How does Coppel make it possible?

How does Coppel make it possible? Let’s Sembre Conciencia is an initiative that aims to promote environmental care through the donation of plants to clients and collaborators. It is not just another of the reforestations carried out by responsible companies. This is an effort to integrate stakeholders at a deep level with the Philippines Phone Number List responsible commitment of the brand. Let’s spread awareness for our planet – Coppel To this end. A total of Coppel stores and Regional Distribution Centers took on the task of giving away a total of ornamental plants to their visitors. Who, in addition to finding the gift a beautiful surprise. Were also able to learn how to take care of it. After all, it is a living being that requires attention and affection. At Coppel Comunidad we are committed to caring for the environment. So we will continue to raise awareness about its importance and care.

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And regarding the communities?

In addition to promoting the responsible participation of society in this issue,” assured Rocío Guerrero, Director of Coppel Comunidad. To through a statement. With these actions, the brand sought not only to awaken the interest of consumers in its social responsibility actions, but also to raise awareness in them about the importance of protecting Spain Phone Number List our planet and the life within it. And regarding the communities? Part of the mission of Fundación Coppel Comunidad is to contribute to improving the quality of life in the communities where Coppel has a presence. Through the promotion and leadership of co-participatory. Self-sustaining and measurable development projects, the foundation seeks social profitability in topics such as: education. Social well-being, health and the environment.

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