He had a website created by an agency. But due to a series of circumstances he decided to change web agency and entrust me with the management and restyling of his website. While he was choosing the new agency he decided to get ahead of himself and sent the cancellation notice to the management. To discover that the domain and hosting were not registered in his name. At this point, knowing how to manage the long-standing situation. The most but not being able to access either. The site or the hosting in any way. We were forced to open a second domain and purchase a second. Hosting to upload the new site because the old one was physically. Held hostage by the old agency.


Moral of the story

the client found himself with two online Iran Telegram Number Data websites for his business with the result of confusing potential clients, not to mention that the quote emails coming from the old site were diverted to the agency’s servers which reused the contacts for others purposes. The content of the website must be owned by you The text, visual design and all images that make up the content of your website are your property. Even in this case, however, there may be some uncertainty. The content of the website is always your property whether it was created by you or an employee of yours.

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The most Data analysis

However, since few companies Japan Telegram Number develop their  website internally, it is important to read and fully understand the contract with the web agency. Surprisingly, the contracts used by many web design agencies and consultants give them. Legal ownership of the content they develop. Usually, only when a company decides to migrate. Its site to another provider does it find out the bad news. Therefore,  Additionally, many web agencies license stock photography for use in the websites. Therefore, they develop for their clients, Which means the license is owned by the development company. not yours. Again,

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