Although many commercial activities can pose a major threat to the conservation of the world’s forests, an article published on the Green Biz portal states that most leading companies do not warn about the risk of deforestation in their supply chains. . According to the World Wildlife Fund the Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forest per year, which is equivalent to 27 football fields every minute. In addition to providing habitats for countless endangered plants and animals, forests play a crucial role in the fight against climate change, acting as carbon sinks by absorbing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. This data should not only be relevant, but indispensable for all companies that exploit natural resources. The study that reveals transparency.

The study that reveals transparency

According to a report carried out by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP )—a global disclosure platform that allows companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impact—reveals that 70% of the 1,500 companies included in the study approached CDP for information on their forest-related Mexico Phone Number List impacts, but did not provide data on their performance. Warned that the vast majority of companies that pose a threat to forests, specifically through the use of palm oil, fail to achieve basic transparency requirements. Many companies asked the CDP to report on commodities driving deforestation, including the use of palm oil for food products, leather for clothing and accessories, paper for pizza boxes, and wood for furniture. However, only 306 companies of the 1,500 people contacted reported to CDP in.

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The proposal to change

Some companies informed the CDP that they are not taking adequate measures to solve the deforestation problem. The organization claims that a quarter of companies do not implement appropriate measures regarding deforestation. And many others reveal a considerable gap, since deforestation is almost always a supply chain Qatar Phone Number List problem. Furthermore, the vast majority of companies with current deforestation goals only have goals until 2020, and only 14% extend beyond that date. The focus on that year risks corporate action on deforestation “falling off a cliff,” CDP warned. The proposal to change Companies will increasingly come under pressure from their customers and investors to demonstrate that their supply chains are not harming forests or wildlife. Industries, for their part, must protect ecosystems and avoid deforestation, as well as choose certified supply chains to avoid the risk of a bad reputation for their brand.

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