But what is most striking is that. Again according to data collect by squarelovin. 42% of users use social mia to search for products to purchase. Not just entertainment or information: social networks represent the means to search and find what we like and purchase it with a few quick clicks. We can. Therefore. Say that social commerce represents the future of e-commerce.This is also confirm by the data from the report ” social commerce – global market trajectory & analytics ” publish by research & markets . According to which the social commerce market is estimat at 89.4 billion dollars and should reach 604.5 billion dollars by 2027.

Mind-boggling figures that social networks

Mind-boggling figures that social networks are riding on with changes and new data improvements capable of offering and guaranteeing users a satisfactory purchasing experience.The leader is obviously mark zuckerberg’s giant. Which launch the new facebook shops feature to allow small and mium-siz businesses to create online shops on both facebook and instagram .Not only that: thanks to the implementation of tools such as whatsapp. Messenger or instagram direct. Customers also have the possibility of contacting the shop managers to dispel doubts. Ask for information or follow the tracking of the order.

It is clear that a direct relationship

It is clear that a direct relationship. With an Caseno Data  immiate dialogue. Between brand and consumer can  only favor sales.The real giant in the field of social commerce is instagram . Which has the most interesting features. In addition to the shop. Present on the brand profile and also as a standalone fe. There are many other possibilities:Shopping tag. Through which it is possible to tag products previously insert in your shop. Directly in fe posts. In stories. In igtv videos. In reels. In guides and also in live streaming;

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