Personal and well-written note and with beautiful packaging can lead to unexpect results.Offer an incentive. A discount or an unexpect gift : this is overdelivering. Which in its most modern meaning consists of providing the customer. Before any review. With something extra that they don’t expect. Pamper the customer with an add product. Unknown and not available for purchase elsewhere. Which embodies the extra value that the brand is able to provide .Create a relationship of trust with email marketing:

it is known that useful and supportive content

it is known that useful and supportive content is a tool capable of building customer loyalty. Thanks to the dissemination of value-add content. It is easier to discover a product/service and ask those who purchas it to share their experience.Do you support to grow your sales? Contact us. We will be able to advise you on the right marketing strategies and put into new database  practice ad hoc techniques for your business. Like e-commerce. Social commerce is also seeing exponential growth. If buying online is a consolidat habit for many.

Especially in times of health emergencies and restrictions

Especially in times of health emergencies and Caseno Data  restrictions. The tendency to make purchases via social networks is increasingly developing.Users are. In fact. Becoming more and more accustom to the possibility of purchasing what they see in the social mia fe. Recent research by squarelovin highlight how as many as 55% of users made at least one purchase from social channels in 2020. While 31% purchas a product directly from advertisements that appear in the fe. Not only that: 19% decid to buy a product after seeing it in a post shar by an influencer.

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